Boarding Services for Cats And Dogs, Including Rates And Other Information


Kitty Cat Care

Cats have their own area (away from those noisy dogs). The cats have a 10x20 foot room to get out and lounge about, socialize, or play at their leisure. We have found that cats, for the most part, get along really well after having some time to acclimate to being in a strange place with different people. We have lots of carpeted shelves, counters, cabinets, and a hanging kitty bridge for all of the cats to explore and enjoy.  We are often in the cat room so if there is a disagreement, we can intervene quickly. Each kitty has their own space to sleep in overnight, but during the day, they have room to move! If there is a kitty that does not play well with others, we will then use the room as a time-share so everyone can get a chance to get out and about. View pictures of our Cat Room on the Facility page.

Doggie Daycare

Daily Rate $12
Monday-Friday $54 (Note: The preivous amount listed for this rate was reported erroneously. We apologize for any confusion.

We are proud to offer daycare for your dog Monday through Friday. You can drop off your pet starting at 7:30am and pick up by 6:30pm.  There is even a special discounted rate for booking for the entire work week. Saturday & Sunday daycare spots will be available provided their are spots available in the kennel. Please call for more information.

Walking Times

We take all of our doggie guests out to walk & play a minimum of four times a day. (7:30am, 12:30pm, 5:30pm and 9pm) At these times we take them go out in groups according to size and energy level. This provides them a better chance for exercise and socialization. Weather permitting, we are out for 20 minutes at the first three times and the 9pm walk is a 5-10 minute potty break before bed time. If there is a dog that does not do well in the group setting, we will take them out separately so they get the same chance for fun and exercise.

Vaccination Requirements

We require a copy of all of our guests’ current vaccination records for our files. We also require that they be up-to-date on the following vaccinations:

Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella (kennel cough), Canine Influenza (optional*)
Cats: Rabies, Distemper, & Feline Leukemia

All males who are at least 6 months old must be neutered before they will be allowed to board at our facility. Please call & speak to Michael if you have questions or concerns.


*Note from Michael:

By now, many of you have heard about a new potential threat to the health of your dogs, H1N8, or Canine Influenza.  I have been following this for several years now have watched the confirmed cases get closer and closer to us in Kansas.  Early on, there wasn’t any vaccine developed, but a couple of years ago, there was a vaccine brought to the market.  Since we have folks traveling in from other states where there were confirmed cases, I started suggesting everyone start thinking about getting the vaccine last year.  I did this after consulting with local veterinarians and did so because I want to provide as safe an environment for your pets as I can while they stay with us. 

I began requiring the vaccination as of July 1, 2013, again in the interest of the safety of my guests.  Recently, I have had conversations with customers that have veterinarians that do not provide the Canine Influenza vaccination.  I have always believed that no one knows more about your pet than your veterinarian.  I will gladly support any decision your vet has about the best course of action for keeping your pet a happy, healthy member of your family for many years.  In light of this, I am changing our official policy from requiring the vaccination, to strongly recommending it.  Canine Influenza is kind of tricky to diagnose and is often diagnosed as Bordetella- Kennel Cough.  I have attached a FAQ from the American Veterinary Medical Association website,  There is a lot of good information for you to help you make your decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Click here to open the attached FAQ.


What to Bring

We provide any beds, bowls, food (Pedigree®), and snacks (Milkbone®). 

If your pet is on a special diet we ask that you bring this food with them. Please feel free to bring any bedding that your pet normally sleeps with or something that smells like mom & dad.  For example a bath towel or t-shirt that has recently been worn.  If you do bring any toys or bedding, we cannot be responsible if it is lost or destroyed during your pet’s stay.

If your pet requires oral or topical medications, our staff can administer them during your pet’s stay.  Just bring the medications along with specific instructions (dosage and frequency).  This is offered at no additional charge.

Checking In

There will be a little paperwork to fill out when you drop your pet off.  If you are a first timer, we will have you fill out this form: WCPR Client Info Sheet (PDF). After that, you will have this form to fill out: PDF Check In Sheet If you like, you can go ahead, print these off, fill them out & bring them with you!

Adobe Reader is required to view and print PDF documents.
Download it here free.

Boarding Rates

We offer three different rates that depend on the length of your pet’s stay with us.

*NOTE: All rates are per pet, per day.


Overnight Rate $25 (1 to 6 nights)
Weekly Rate $23 (7 to 29 nights)
Monthly Rate $21 (30 nights or more)

** For really extended rates (60 night or more), please call and talk with Michael.


Overnight Rate $14 (1 to 6 nights)
Weekly Rate $12 (7 to 29 nights)
Monthly Rate $10 (30 nights or more)

Late Check-Out

We no longer have a late check out fee. Your pets are welcome to stay throughout the day without any extra daycare charge.

Drop-off & Pick-up Times

7:30am – 8:30am
12:30pm – 1:30pm
5:30pm – 6:30pm

Seven days a week, every day of the year!

In-Home Care

If you would like, we can come to your home and care for your pets. We are bonded, and will take care of any pets. Our rate for this is $30 per hour with a minimum of one hour per day. This rate includes travel time from the kennel to your home & back to the kennel. We will gladly come up to 3 times each day to care for your pet. Please give us a call for more details.


*Rates were increased on Feb 1, 2016. Click here for a personal note from the owner, Michael, regarding the increase of rates.