Michael and Jordy



About Wildcat Pet Resort, Manhattan Kansas

How It All Started

Wildcat Pet Resort was purchased in 2006 by Michael Gassmann. He originally came from a foodservice background, so he had no real idea how to run a traditional dog kennel. What we did and still do, is keep the dogs & cats here as we would want our dogs & cats kept. Almost immediately we started walking the dogs 4 times a day instead of the usual 3 times. We figure most everyone takes their dog out before they go to bed, so why not do the same when they are here. We later started taking the dogs out in groups – Big w/ Big, Small w/ Small, and found that it really helped everyone to play more & burn off more energy.

Remodeling and Personnel Changes

In 2007, we did some remodeling and created our current kitty room which now has room for eight cats. As long as they are getting along, they get to come out and roam the room where they can get up on the counters, fridge, & each other’s crates as well as up on the window sill to check out what going on outside.

We also created a room that we refer to as the VCR (Vertically Challenged Room) for the smaller guests. This room only gets used when we are getting near capacity – Generally around the holidays and most of the summer.

Grooming Services

We also have had the pleasure of Bark Avenue Canine Designs moving into our building. As of the first of 2012, they are now part of Wildcat Pet Resort! We are excited to have them because this allows us to offer a much more complete grooming option for our guests.

You’ll notice that our price list doesn’t include anything for play time or socialization time. That’s because we don’t charge any extra for these services. Whatever your pet(s) needs to be comfy while here, we will strive to provide it. We want you to feel comfortable about leaving your pets with us so please call us or stop by to take a tour and we will be able to answer all of your questions personally. We also do not raise our rates for holidays &/or busy times. We think this practice is outrageous & unfair, so we won’t ever do it.